Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What did the razor heads do to you?

Have you tried to buy replacement razor heads lately? I've been trying to buy them for probably 2 months now. I kept on thinking that I wasn't looking hard enough for them or that they were always sold out when I got to the store.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally located them in one drug store. They were behind the cashier. I had to describe the ones I wanted. She (yes "she") had no idea what I was talking about. "The Venus refills. I see the 8 pack, do you have the 4?" I only want the 4 pack because these things are really friggin' expensive!! Usually around $8 or $9 for the 4 pack. SHEESH! I'd go back to disposables, but I can't take the knicks.

She had no idea what I was asking her for. She kept on pointing to the some other model. "No, the green one. Venus. 4 pack." Maybe, they're like salesmen. She did keep pointing to the more expensive and technilogically advanced razor, The Intuition.

I gave up and did not buy any refills that day.

I went to the supermarket. I could not find them. "OK. Maybe they're sold out", I told myself. I went back about 2 weeks later at a different time of day. Still couldn't find them. I saw all kinds of other refills, but no Venus (not even the 8 pack).

I tried another drug store a few days later. I found them. They were in the back corner under protective custody. They were locked up behind plexiglass. I did not have the time nor the patience to investigate further.

I gave up and did not buy any refills that day.

As you can imagine, I really needed to shave at that point!!

{Although I love the image you all must have just conjured up in your heads of 3 inch long neatly braided leg hair and "man-pits", I will clarify - I have been shaving, just with a slightly less than sharp razor. It's almost like rubbing the hair off.}

I finally went back to the drug store this last weekend. I located the captive refills. I inquired at the pharmacy counter as to how one goes about acquiring said refills. I was instructed to wait in the area where they are imprisoned and someone would be along to help me.

So, I stood next to refills.

Have you ever been in a car with someone and had a really, really hard time finding a parking spot? You finally find one, but for some reason you can't pull in right away. You, the passenger, get out of the car and stand in the middle of the available spot until the driver is able to pull in. You stand there, just kind of hovering, hoping no one will ask what you're doing. Waiting. Slightly anxious. You keep looking down the street. "Are they back yet?" ..... "What about now?" You look away to try to look like you're not really looking. "How 'bout now?" ... "Now??" Eventually, they come and you are completely validated in your waiting.

Well, that's pretty much what I felt like while I was waiting for this guy to free the refills.

So, the guy came down the aisle and unlocked the plexiglass. I told him which one I wanted. He got it from the shelf. I reached out my hand to take it, and that's when the final indignity happened that made me want to write this.

He then proceeded to say, "I will walk it up front for you."

I blinked my eyes very firmly, kind of shook my head, and said "Uh, OK". I then had to follow him up to the register. I wasn't even done shopping yet!!!! What if I wanted to think about my razor purchase for a few minutes more. What if I wanted to upgrade from the Venus to the Intuition? I no longer had that option. I truly felt like I had done something incredibly wrong. Like I was playing baseball and it went through the neighbors window and he was escorting me back to my parents for a beating.

{sorry for the poor grammar. it's just an emotional vent}

Once we got to the front of the store, he actually put the refills at the register. He didn't even hand them to me then. So, now I'm forced to use that register. What if the other one was faster? Too bad , sister, you're stuck with this kid.

I asked why they had to do that. At first, he said he didn't know and that it was corporate policy, but when I pressed him a little further, he mumbled something about stealing. I said, "I could steal a whole handful of eye liners and make-up much easier." His response, again, was not quite clear, but it involved something to do with "studies" they must have done.

I repeat my initial question to you - Have you tried to buy replacement razor heads lately? If you have, then you know how big they are. Even the smaller 4 pack that I purchased is at least 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 1 inch deep. If I wanted to steal them, where the hell would I even put them once I've weasled them out of their plexiglass prison??

I just don't understand. Make-up is much smaller, easier to steal and just as, if not more expensive.

Who is stealing razor refills???? If it's you , please knock it off!! You're really ruining it for the rest of us who just want to shave.


At 14 February, 2007 22:10 , Blogger Steve said...

It must have something to do with the fact that they're razors. You know, "sharp things" that people could steal and use for gang-related activity. Granted, they're usually in some kind of cartridge, but... that's my guess.

I actually was thinking about this blog entry yesterday. I had read it a while back when you first wrote it, but yesterday I was reminded of the "rubbing the hair off" quote when I started shaving with a less-than-"razor sharp" blade.

Personally—and you can confirm if this is the case in your experience—razors don't go very far. I get two good shaves, maybe three, outof the blade until it starts pulling instead of cutting. Ouch!And they're expensive! They should last longer. And I rarely even shave my whole face! You know me...I've always got some kind of facial hair going on.

At 14 February, 2007 23:30 , Blogger Michelle Lee said...

Yes. I agree. They definitely do not last as long as the cost would make you think they should.

I was watching something on TV the other day {I think it may have been Oprah}. The show was about hygiene. Various topics included how to dispose of things like old meat and the containers they were stored in, and how long you should keep things like sponges, towels, sheets and razors.

They actually said that razors should only be used around 3 or 4 times! Can you believe that? That's just ridiculous! Who's got that kind of money?

They had a woman on the show that was using the same disposable razor for over a year. YIKES!! Although I do not use them for a year, I do get a good month or so out of them. In the summer, it's usually less than a month (I shave a lot more then).

Yes. The first few shaves are much better. The first shave is magnificent. That's when the little lotion strip at the top is jam-packed full of moisturizing goodness. It's really the lotion that runs out after the first couple of shaves. If you don't mind the lack of the lotion, the actual blade is good for quite some time.

And really - are people somehow weasling the blades out of these razor heads to use as weapons? They can't really be that"user-friendly" once removed.


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